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Birth of Bubbub

Birth of Bubbub
G'day, Aneyong haseyo, Bonjour!
It seems that Bubbub had a plan that was different to the medical calendar and iPhone baby apps.  'The date' (or what is really just a best guess) came and passed and we waited patiently for Bubbub to decide it was time to enter the world.  At 2:00 in the afternoon we went back to the university hospital in Geneva, somewhat appropriately with the acronym HUG, to check up on progress a week after the due date.  Luna had been having contractions quite consistently and felt within herself that we were getting close.  The doctors wanted to make sure that Bubbub made the move and wanted Luna to stay in the hospital then and to induce the labour.  We made a compromise with the doctors so that we went to the birthing room to monitor progress for a couple of hours and would see then what course of action, if any, was needed.
We took a different lift, to a different floor, an indication that we were actually now about to enter the stage where we had been imagining for months, even years, having a baby, and within a matter of hours, that is exactly what would happen.  The room was spacious, a bed centred against one wall, with a range of buttons, machines and tools around the room.  A small pink rug lay on the corner of a bench covering a set of newborn baby clothes ready for the big moment.
There are numerous theories about how to bring on labour and we chose the walking method.  Arm-in-arm we paced the vacant corridors of the hospital.  A cleaning lady playing with her phone in the waiting room informed us that it was closed for the night and we shuffled back down the corridor.  Perhaps it was the walking, perhaps it was Bubbub, but I think even more likely, it was Luna's choice to have a natural birth, which meant when we next checked, the mid-wife, Céline, was happy with the way things were progressing and informed us that Luna did not need to be induced.  So began the most exceptional thing I've ever witnessed.
Like a drum beat getting louder, longer and closer together, the contractions came minutes apart.  We moved around in different positions to try to help make Luna more comfortable.  I watched the numbers on the monitor climb with each contraction... 20.. 35... 67...123... I rubbed her lower back, helped as requested, and otherwise tried to be the best supporting actor to my wife giving the performance of her life.  Céline, a petite mid-wife with dark brown hair and a French accent spoke encouragingly to Luna, guiding her through each of the stages.
It was almost midnight, the contractions drum was beating so strongly that it was absorbing every ounce of Luna's body.  With hands trembling, she asked for an epidural to help her to get through the final stage.  You have to put complete faith in the medical team that walk into the room to stick a needle into your wife's spine.  It's a daunting thing to consider, but we tried not to think about it too much as they asked Luna to hold very still, even as contractions continued to claw her body.  Luna was perfect, didn't move at all and the team was able to give her the epidural which within minutes dulled the pain to a level she could handle.  We lay back and could almost relax, able to take a moment about 1:00 am to call our parents in Korea and Australia to let them know that we were in labour and later that day they would hear about their new grandchild.
The drum continued to beat, though its sound had been dulled, Luna was very much aware of the progress that was bringing our little Bubbub closer to the outside.  About 4:30 in the morning Céline informed Luna it was time to start to try to push.  With each contraction, Luna would need to push three times.  I stood at the head of the bed feeling helpless, and tried to will Luna through this final stage.  Luna propped her feet against the midwife's torsoes as Céline called out "push-push-push, keep-going-keep-going-keep-going, that's-it-that's-it-that's-it, good-good-good", rhythmic and powerful.  Two doctors arrived and prepared themselves.  They reviewed a stream of paper from the monitor that scratched erratic lines like seismic waves from the tremours rippling Luna's and Bubbub's bodies. "Push-push-push, good-good-good!"
Then there we were, a little head, I can see a face!  One more push and we have a body.  Please breathe.  A little cry!  "It's a boy!"  It's a boy!  Bubbub is a boy!  They placed him on his Mummy's chest and he looked at each of us.  Tears ran down our cheeks and all that Luna had gone through suddenly seemed forgotten.  This little boy was looking at us, quietly, calmly, as curious about us as we were of him.  Céline asked us, "What is his name?"  We replied: "Edward Minjun Abson".  I've never felt so proud in all of my life.  My wife, my incredible Princess, had just gone through a most excruciating experience and delivered to us a beautiful baby boy.  I was so impressed.  You are amazing.  You are both amazing.  I am blessed.
I cut the umbilical chord, a token gesture of a fatherly contribution to the labour, then watched Edward get wrapped up in an outfit his Halmonee (grandmother) had given to his Mummy for the birth and then lay back on his Mummy's chest for a while.  It was then we noticed the sun rays peaking through the windows.  The darkness had gone, a new day and a new life had come in to being.
Edward Minjun Abson 에드워드 민준 앱슨, was born at 06:14 on 22/2/2012, in the Year of the Dragon, in Geneva, Switzerland.  Our Scouting friends were quick to point out that this was the birthday of Baden Powell and his wife Olave, founders of the Scouting and Guiding movements and an annual event celebrated worldwide.  At birth Edward weighed 3.84 kg, 8.46 pounds and was 53 cm long.
We've since been spending time together at the hospital getting used to our roles as parents and discovering this amazing new person that has joined our family.  We look forward to seeing our son grow up and introducing him to his family and new friends from around the world.
Love Rod, Luna and Edward Minjun Abson




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